Still Spirits Easy Carbon Cartridge

Still Spirits Easy Carbon Cartridge pack provides one replacement cartridge for Still Spirits home brew EZ carbon filter system. Suits water or spirits.
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Easy Carbon Cartridge

Still Spirits Easy Carbon Cartridge

Still Spirits Easy Carbon Cartridges are fast, clean, easy to use. Box contains one replacement cartridge for home brew EZ Filter System or EZ Inline Filter, specifically designed for maximum purification. The cartridge eliminates the need to handle messy pelletised or granulated carbon.

The cartridge's design allows the fluid to pass through the filter while the fusel alcohol, and other unwanted chemicals are absorbed by the carbon cartridge. The EZ filter has rapidly become the preferred carbon filter system of home brewers.

Very simple to use. Just install in filter body with seating washers. Run around two litres of warm water through the filter. Then clean bottom reservoir and fill top reservoir with spirit diluted to less than 50%ABV.

Manufacturer Recommended usage: One (1) cartridge per 10lt of diluted spirit @ maximum 50% ABV.

For maximum filter efficency a pair of new EZ filter washers should be installed with each cartridge change.

If used as a water purifier recommended use: 300lt of clean water.

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