Still Spirits Classic 8 Turbo Pack

Stills Spirits Turbo Trio to make high quality spirit.
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classic 8 turbo pack
Still Spirits Classic 8 Turbo Pack

Still Spirits Classic 8 Turbo Pack has been created for use in any homebrew distillation system. It consists of:

1 Classic 8 Turbo yeast pack 240g

1 Turbo Clear 2 part finings 130g

1 Turbo Carbon 130g

Still Spirits Classic 8 Turbo yeast has been created for use with 8kg of fermentable sugars to achieve a 20% ABV spirit wash typically during a ten day fermentation. Contains mineral absorbents for added quality. Each pack is suitable for a maximum 25ltr volume wash.

Still Spirits Turbo Carbon works to assist with fermentation. It also helps purify the wash before it is removed from your fermenter. Each pack is suitable for up to 25ltr wash. Turbo Carbon can be used with glucose washes, sucrose / fructose washes, grain starch, or molasses washes. Simply massage pack well, open and stir into the wash before adding the Classic 8 Turbo yeast.

Still Spirits Turbo Clear is a two part finings created to cause a large percentage of the unspent proteins, yeasts, other compounds, to fall out of suspension in the fermenter. When used with Turbo Carbon it also causes the carbon to fall and gather on the bottom of the fermenter.  When your hydrometer reading has been below 990 for two days and all bubbling has ceased simply flow the pack instructions for use. Each pack is suitable for processing up to 25ltr of fermented wash.

Clearing with Still Spirits Turbo Clear takes approximately 24hrs. This is a significant improvement on old school natural clearing which usually takes several weeks. Natural clearing often puts the fermented wash at risk of bacterial infection and loss of alcohol.

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