Carbonation Drops 250g

Carbonation drops produce less sediment.
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Morgan's Carbonation Drops

When you use Morgan's Carbonation Drops there are no more exploding home brew beer bottles from too much sugar added prior to secondary fermentation.

Morgan's Carbonation Drops ensure you add the same amount of brewing sugar every time to gas your beer.

Carbonation Drops are superior to using plain cane sugar as carbonation drops are made from pure Glucose and dissolve more readily while increasing your beer's strength.

White sugar does not ferment well and leaves sediment in your bottles when used for gasing your beer.

Two carbonation tablets adds approximately .5% ABV per 750ml bottle.

Perfect for carbonating in bottles instead of in a keg with CO2.

One carbonation tablet for a 375ml and two for 750ml bottles.

Approximately 60 tablets per pack.

Contents: 250g

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