Still Spirits Turbo Clear

Still Spirits two part finings clearing agent for sugar ferments or wine making. Causes unspent yeasts etc to separate to the bottom of the carboy during fermentation.
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Turbo Clear

Still Spirits Turbo Clear is a two part finings which causes unspent yeasts etc to separate to the bottom of the fermenter when fermenting sugar or making wine.

When used at the end of fermentation it helps to reduce unwanted flavours and odours during further processing.

Suggested to be used in conjunction to fermentation Turbo carbons.

Frequently used by both wine and fermented spirit makers.

Follow instructions on packet.

Suitable for treating up to 25 litres of product.

***Recommended price: $6.50***

When used in conjunction to  Turbo Carbon will reduce impurities in sugar or starch based washes.

***Can be used to clear wine must prior to filtration to minimise filtration steps.***

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