Morgan's Home Brew Starter Kit

Morgans Home Brew Starter Kit is a low cost home brew kit to make beer at home. Contains: brewing hardware, consumables, 1.7kg can.
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Allora, Cambooya, Clifton, Dalby, Gatton, Grantham, Greenmount, Highfields, Helidon, Hodgson Vale, Jondarayn, Kingsthorpe, Oakey, Pittsworth, Plainland, Millmerran, Nobby, Toowoomba, Westbrook, Withcott, Wyreema
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Total: $ 99.95
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Brewing Supplies Online Morgan's Premium Home Brew Starter Kit Box

Morgan's Home Brew Starter Kit

Morgan's Home Brew Starter Kit offered by Brewing Supplies Online is a well thought out low cost home brew starter kit for the beginner to produce a home brew beer.

It contains all the home brewing equipment and consumables you will need for your first batch.

It contains a 30lt carboy so you can brew top fermenting brews without concern of it bubbling up through your airlock bubbler.

It includes 30 PET plastic beer bottles which can be used for several home brew batches before needing new plastic caps.

Spare parts are available for this kit in store.

Morgan's Premium Starter Kit Contents:

30 litre carboy
Carbouy seals
Digital stick on thermometer
Tap and sediment reducer
Bottling valve
30 PET bottles and caps
Brewer's spoon
250ml No Rinse Sanitiser
Brewer's hydrometer
Hydrometer test tube
1.7kg Morgan's Blue Mountain Lager Beer Kit
1.0kg of Morgan's Brew Enhancer
250g Morgan's glucose carbonation drops
Approximately $40.00 value free product vouchers for:
1 Morgan's Premium beer kit
1 Bottle of Sanitize
1 Premium yeast
1 Finishing Hops
Recipes and Instructions

In no time at all your home brewed kit beer will cost just a fraction of what commercial beer presently costs.

This is a fantastic product to help the household budget stretch even further without denying yourself the luxury of a cold beer.

For your next batch we have over 80 different beer kits for you to select from or you can try a custom beer kit which emulates your favourite commercial beer style or boutique beer.

For some similar style beer recipes checkout Morgan's Recipe Chart.

Mass: 7.5kg

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Morgan's Popular Beer Recipe Chart

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