Top Shelf Shamrock Cream Liqueur Base

Shamrock Cream Icon Liqueur Irish cream whiskey thickener
Top Shelf Shamrock Icon Cream Liqueur base
Total: $ 6.05

Top Shelf Shamrock Cream Icon Liqueur Base is used to make Shamrock Cream Irish whiskey liqueur.  It is suitable for Icon series Shamrock Cream pouch only. Makes 750ml.

In a mixing jug add 200mls (6.8oz) of water and 200mls (6.8oz) of vodka or filtered alcohol at 40% ABV. Then add the contents of the base pack to the jug.  Next add contents of Icon Shamrock Cream pouch and whisk vigorously to thoroughly dissolve. Pour into a 750ml (26oz) bottle. Then top up with vodka or filtered alcohol at 40% ABV and shake.

Contents: 160g

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