Homebrew style packs are offerred by Brewing Supplies Online to the home brewer to craft beer of similar style to the named beer. The packs offered will not duplicate commercial products. They are a starting point from which the brewer can adjust the recipe to create their own favourite beer.

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Cascade Draught

Extract recipe

Total: $ 49.99

Melbourne Bitter

Extract recipe

Total: $ 36.99

Coopers Pale Ale

Extract recipe

Total: $ 40.99


Extract recipe

Total: $ 47.99

Coopers Mild Ale

Extract recipe

Total: $ 38.99

Coopers Best Extra Stout

Extract recipe.

Total: $ 45.99

XXXX Gold Recipe Pack

XXXX Gold Extract Recipe.

Total: $ 34.99

XXXX Bitter Recipe Pack

Extract Recipe Pack.

Total: $ 35.99
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