Hallertau Finishing Hops 12g

Hallertau finishing hops are pleasant, spicy, with herbal and floral notes. Offer intense, harmonic bitterness. Suits: Bock, Lager, Pilsener, Wheat beer.
WBS  Hallertau Finishing Hop 12g | Homebrew SuppliesHallertau Finishing Hop 12g
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Hallertau Finishing Hops

Hallertau home brew finishing hops are pellet hops. Mild and pleasant, yet spicy, with herbal and floral characteristics. The classic German hop associated with Bavarian-style lager beers and distinguished by an intense, pleasantly harmonic bitterness.

Packaged in tea bag for easy use as a home brewing infusion hop. 

Use by steeping in 1 lire of boiling water and then adding steeped liquid and swollen tea bag to the wort.

Finishing hops are a fantastic addition to your home brew supplies. They can be stored at zero degrees Celsius for up to two years with low hop oil loss.

Usage: Flavour/Aroma.

Avg. Alpha: 3% - 5%

Origin: GER

Contents: 12g

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