Fuggle Finishing Hops 12g

Fuggle finishing hops are a revered, English hop known for full flavour and delicate ,leasant mint, grass and floral tones. Avg. Alpha: 3.5% - 6.5%.
WBS Fuggle Finishing Hop 12g | Homebrew SuppliesFuggle Finishing Hop 12g
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Fuggle Finishing Hops

Fuggle home brew finishing hops are pellet hops. Fuggle hops have a delicate and pleasant mint, grass and floral tones. The most revered and famous English hop, known for its full bodied flavor in traditional ales. Packaged in tea bag for easy use as a home brewing infusion hop. 

Use by steeping in 1 lire of boiling water and then adding steeped liquid and swollen tea bag to the wort. 

Finishing hops are a fantastic addition to your home brew supplies. They can be stored at zero degrees Celsius for up to two years with low hop oil loss.

Usage: Flavour/Aroma.

Avg. Alpha: 3.5% - 6.5%

Origin: UK

Contents: 12g

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