Still Spirits Turbo Carbon

Still Spirits Turbo Carbon removes impurities during fermentation and improves spirit quality.
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Still Spirits Turbo Carbon is the latest  carbon formula and is to be used "during fermentation" to help remove impurities and to assist with homebrew wash fermentation.

Use Still Spirits Turbo Clear at the end of fermentation to make the turbo carbon separate from the wash taking impurities with it to the bottom of your fermenter.

Each pack is suitable for up to 25ltr spirit wash. Simply massage pack well, open and stir into the wash. Then add the Classic 8 Turbo yeast.

Contents: 130g

***Washes over 12% ABV produce high levels of  impurities which cause unwanted aromas and tastes. Fermentation turbo carbon will assist in reducing these aromas and tastes.***

***Recommended price: $4.80***

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