Wine Making Fermenters

Home brewing wine fermenters often utilise: carboys made from PET Plastic or  HDPE plastic, Glass demijohns, and stainless steel specialty fermenters. All fermenting devices and clarifying devices should limit oxygen contact with the wine, be easy to clean and sanitise, and be durable.

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30lt AmpFermentKit

30lt Ampi Fermenter Kit complete with carboy, ...

Total: $ 56.95

30lt Pail Fermenter Kit

Kit includes 30lt pail, grommet, senior bubbler, ...

Total: $ 45.95

5lt Glass Fermenter Kit

5lt Glass fermenter for small batch wine making. Narrow ...

Total: $ 36.99

Fermenter Kit 15lt Ampi Style

Ideal for small batch brewing, wine making, or vegetable ...

Total: $ 34.95

imake 30lt Pail Fermenter Kit

Complete fermenter including senior bubbler, red hat ...

Total: $ 52.95

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