Bulk Priming Pack 180g

Contains Rice Sugar (Dextrose)
Total: $ 1.95

The Bulk Priming pack is a conveniently packed bag containing 180g Dextrose to be used when bulk priming your home brew. If you don't have ready access to a set of kitchen scales, this pre-packed 180g dose of Dextrose takes the guess work (and potentially exploding bottles) out of bottling and priming your beer.

Great for the home brewer who has a range of different bottle sizes and doesn't want to mess around calculating the required sugar for each bottle size. Can also be used in an Oxygen purged keg to perform secondary fermentation in the keg. Keg must stand at room temperature for minimum 15 days after Oxygen purging. Suitable for 23 litre wort.

*** Click BULK PRIMING  to learn about priming your whole brew instead of one bottle at a time. ***

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