Alcotec Whisky Distillers Turbo Yeast

Whiskey Distillers Yeast is for use with dry or liquid malt extract and sugar.
Alcotec Whisky Distiller's Yeast
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Alcotec Whiskey Distillers Yeast is designed for use with malt extract and sugar. Fill fermenter with clean water up to 350C to 21 litres. Then add 2kg of dry unhopped dark malt extract or 2.5kg of liquid malt and 5.5 kg of sugar. Mix well and then aerate with brewer's paddle. Sprinkle yeast evenly across the top of wash. Allow to stand for 10 - 15 minutes and then stir.

Ferment at 220C - 280C. Maximum recommended temperature 350C. Ferment for approximately 7 days or until hydrometer reading the same for two days.

Contains: Yeast,yeast nutrient,  enzyme, vitamins.

Made in England.


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