Still Spirits Fast Turbo Yeast

Rec 6kg Sugar, Up to 40 degree drop in temp, 13.5% ABV in 24hrs.
Still Spirits Fast Turbo Teast
Total: $ 11.99

Fast Turbo Yeast

Still Spirits Fast Turbo is the fastest high drop in temperature tolerant Turbo yeast available. As a homebrew yeast it can ferment 6kg of sugar in less than 24 hours and produce a very good sugar wash with 13.5% ABV.  It is important that water start temperature is no higher than  400 and only 6kg of sugar is used to get maximum speed. We recommend you jointly use Turbo Carbon  as it will significantly improve the performance of Still Spirit's Fast Turbo Yeast.

Contents: 250g

Made In The United Kingdom

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