Morgan's Premium Lager Beer Yeast

Morgan's Premium Lager Yeast is from a Berlin yeast strain. Fermentation temperature range for this yeast is: 9C - 15C. Recommended: 12C.
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Morgan's Premium Lager Yeast originates from a Berlin yeast strain. It is a bottom fermenting yeast which produces clean ester notes, and high levels of fermentation sediment. As it is a true lager yeast it is recommended to be fermented cold. Morgan's Premium Lager yeast fermentation temperature range is: 9C - 15C. It is suggested to ferment at 12C. When fermenting at lower temperatures it may be necessary to use two (2) yeast sachets. This lager yeast is ideal for use in a homebrew digitally controlled fermenting fridge to create a German style lager.

Contents: 15g

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