Tooheys New Style Pack

To create a Toohey's beer then you need it's sister beer Blackrock. For Tooheys New Black Rock Dry Lager is used, Hopped with Hallertau mf.
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Toohey's New Style Pack

Vict Style Pack

The packs offered will not duplicate commercial products. They are a starting point from which the brewer can adjust the recipe to create their favourite beer.

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Kit Contents:

1.7 kg Blackrock Dry Lager
1kg WBS Body Brew
250g Dextrose
12g Hallertau Mf Hops (Infused)
Premium Lager yeast

Makes: 23 litres

Makes approximately sixty (60) stubbies at 75c each.

If you are going to create a Toohey's beer then you need it's sister beer Blackrock: the beer brand recommended by Tooheys as a relacement kit beer. Blackrock are even canned in the same cannery. As Tooheys New is a lager beer style with citrus to grassy notes Hallertau Mf hops are suggested as they are related to noble Mittlefrau hops which give a citrus to grassy aroma note to German style lagers and pilseners. Add to this a Premium Lager yeast to create an excellent home brew beer.

*Download Style Pack Instructions Here*

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