Motor Monkey Australian IPA Recipe Pack

Motor Monkey Recipe Pack Approx ABV: 5.5%. IBU: 37.0. Creates a mild IPA malted with Pilsner malt, Maris Otter, and Munich malt.
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Motor Monkey Australian IPA Recipe Pack

Motor Monkey IPA grain recipe pack creates a light gold Australian IPA of similar style to a West Coast IPA but with slightly less hop bite and lower alcohol content. Malted with Joe White Pilsener Malt as a base malt: a two row barley malt ideal for Pale Ales, Pilseners, IPA, and American Pale. Combined with Simpson's Maris Otter a Rolls Royce of barley noted for adding enhanced maltiness. Then Joe White Munich to add malt complexity. Hopped with Centennial, then Mosaic and Simcoe followed by Citra as a dry hop at the end of day four (4) of fermentation. The outcome is a golden transitional beer with a pleasant malt flavour and floral/ citrus/ pine notes, but with minimum IPA bitterness.

The full grain kit includes the following -

Grain Bill
3.0kg Joe White Pilsener Malt
750g Simpsons Maris Otter
750g Joe White Light Munich

Hop Additions

12.5g Centennial – 60 minute
12.5g Mosaic – 30 minutes
12.5g Simcoe – 15 minutes
12.5g Citra – Dry Hop at (4) days primary fermentation

Other Additions

Whirlfloc Tablet – 5 minutes
US-05 American Ale Yeast

Recommended Mash Temperature – 67°C

Mash Time – 60 minutes

Recommended Mash Sparge Temperature – 76°C

Hop Boil Time – 60 minutes

Batch Size – 20 Litres 

Boil Size – 26 Litres 

Original SG: 1053

IBU: 37.0

EBC: 10.2

ABV:  4.4% approx

Nutrient additive or a second yeast sachet is suggested for this wort.


***This recipe is provided without any guarantee of the final result,  because  the  technical  equipment used, procedures, and craft brewing expertise,  may  vary  from  one  brewer  to  the  next.***


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