Motor Monkey Australian IPA Recipe Pack

Motor Monkey is a mild IPA malted with Pilsner malt, Maris Otter, Munich, and Weyermann Carapils. Hopped with Northern Brewer, Citra and Simcoe. Yeast: American West Coast. Approx ABV: 5.8%. IBU: 37.
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Motor Monkey Australian IPA Recipe Pack

Motor Monkey IPA grain recipe pack creates an Australian IPA of similar style to a West Coast IPA but with slightly less hop bite. Malted with Joe White Pilsener Malt as a base malt: a two row barley malt ideal for Pale Ales, Pilseners, IPA, and American Pale. Combined with Simpson's Maris Otter a Rolls Royce of barley noted for adding enhanced maltiness. Then Joe White Munich to add malt complexity and then Weyerman Carapils to add slight nuttiness and sweetness to the malt flavours. Hopped with Northern Brewer, then Citra and followed by Simcoe at the last five minutes of the boil. The outcome is a golden transitional beer with a complex slightly sweet malt flavour and citrus pine aroma notes, but with minimum IPA bitterness.

The full grain kit includes the following -

Grain Bill
4.0kg Joe White Pilsener Malt
750g Simpsons Maris Otter
750g Joe White Light Munich
750g Weyermann Carapils

Hop Additions

25.0g Northern Brewer – 60 minute
12.5g Citra – 25 minutes
12.5g Simcoe – 5 minutes

Other Additions

Whirlfloc Tablet – 5 minutes
Premium American Ale Yeast

Recommended Mash Temperature – 67°C

Mash Time – 60 minutes

Recommended Mash Sparge Temperature – 76°C

Hop Boil Time – 60 minutes

Batch Size – 23 Litres 

Original SG: 1060

IBU: 37

EBC: 13

ABV:  5.8% approx

Nutrient additive is suggested for this wort.


***This recipe is provided without any guarantee of the final result,  because  the  technical  equipment used, procedures, and craft brewing expertise,  may  vary  from  one  brewer  to  the  next.***

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