Simpsons Pale Maris Otter 200g

Adds a rich malty flavour to a range of English beer styles. Suits English Bitter beers, Pale Ales, Bitters, Porters, IPA, and stouts.
Total: $ 2.40

Maris Otter has superior brewing performance when compared to other malts.  Often considered as the  ‘Rolls Royce’ of malts for the traditional brewer.

Adds a rich malty flavour  to a range of beer styles.  Pale Maris Otter is a legendary heritage barley  base malt for traditional English Bitter beers,  Pale Ales, Bitters, Porters, IPA, and stouts.  Assists to create exceptional beer clarity.

EBC: 4.0 - 6.0

Sack size: 200g

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