Kettle Sour Lemon Myrtle Lager

Kettle Sour Lemon Myrtle is a lager beer made from Light Lager malt, kettle soured and spiced with powdered Lemon Myrtle to enhance its citrus note.
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All Inn Brewing Kettle Sour Lemon Myrtle Lager

 Kettle Sour Lemon Myrtle Fresh Grain Wort

All Inn Brewing Kettle Sour Lemon Myrtle is a craft, fresh home brew grain beer wort, but without the work on your part.

It showcases one of the experimental craft beer from All Inn Brewing.

Kettle Sour Lemon Myrtle is a craft lager soured during kettling with lemon juice and spiced with Lemon Myrtle powder. Lemon Myrtle has more lemon flavour than actual lemons but is sweet at the same time.

Malted with: Light lager malt

Additional flavour adjuncts: Nil.

Hopped with Saaz and Sorachi Ace.

Possible Dry Hop additions: Lemon Drop 25g.

This craft beer offers the home brewer something engaging and fun to keep them on the front line of craft beer styles.

No need for you to spend 4-5 hours to make a quality craft grain beer. A fantastic addition to your home brewing supplies.

Fresh wort cube size 15lt. Add 5lt of water,  cube contents, and yeast to carboy.

Recommended yeast: Morgan's Premium lager yeast, Lallemand Diamond Lager yeast, Fermentis Saflager S-189, Mangrove Jack's Bohemian Lager Yeast M84.


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