Mangrove Jack's Belgian Ale

A typical, smooth, easy drinking Belgian beer.
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Mangrove Jack's International Belgian Ale offered by Brewing Supplies Online creates a full flavoured, distinguished home brew Belgian Ale. 

Typical of the smooth, easy drinking beers of Belgium. Drink with care, one glass begs another.

This  home brew beer is a great thirst quencher. 1.7kg beerkit includes selected yeast sachet.

Makes 23 L

IBU: 24-30

EBC: 10-14


Each can requires the addition of at least 1.5kg of additional liquid malt extract or 1kg of dry brewing sugar to make up to 23 litres.

Alternatively a second can may be used instead of brewing sugars or liquid malt to create 23lt of more full flavoured beer.

Contents: 1.7kg

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