Sabro Hopped Extra Pale Ale

All Inn Brewing Sabro Hopped Extra Pale creates a simple, clean & moderately bitter beer, notes of Tangerine, coconut , stone fruit & aromas of cedar & mint.
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Sabro Hopped Extra Pale Ale Fresh Grain Wort

All Inn Brewing Sabro Extra Pale Ale is a craft, fresh home brew grain beer wort, but without the work on your part.

No need for you to spend 4-5 hours to make a quality craft grain beer.

A fantastic addition to your home brewing supplies.

Sabro Hopped Extra Pale Ale is an excellent introduction to Sabro hops in a simple clean & moderately bitter beer with notes of Tangerine, coconut & stone fruit.

Its malt character is due to the generous use of Pilsner and  Wheat  grain malts. 

Fresh wort cube size 15lt. Add 5lt of water,  cube contents, and yeast to carboy.

Recommended yeast: Morgan's Premium American Ale, Fermentis US-05, Bry-97, or other yeast of your choice.

Estimated alcohol rating when fermented:

Suggested Dry Hopping: Sabro Hop (50g)


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