Nucleated Dimple Glass Mug 570ml

Nucleated Dimple Mugs are simple yet stylish, heavy, nucleated glass mugs with 570ml capacity.They are very durable, ideal as beer or rum mugs.
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Dimple Glass Mug

Nucleated Dimple Glass Mug 570ml

Simple yet stylish, nucleated glass dimple stein with 570ml capacity.

It has the charm of a German pub mug.

These glass steins are nucleated, heavy , and very durable as home brew mugs.

Because they are nucleated they create a better beer head and improve CO2 gas release so they are great as beer mugs or rum mugs.

It is not a surprise a nucleated dimple mug often becomes a brewer's favourite glass.

Material Type: Nucleated Glass.
Capacity(ml): 570.0ml
Height (mm): 130.0mm
Width (mm): 140.0mm
Diameter (mm): 100.0mm
Rim Thickness(mm): 4.0mm
Mass(g): 545g
Handle: Linked

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