Gambrinus Honey Malt 1.0kg

Has an intense malty sweetness perfect for craft or specialty beer.
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Gambrinus Honey malt is the best description for a European malt known as 'Brühmalz'. Its intense malty sweetness makes it perfect for any specialty beer.

Gambrinus Honey Malt offered by Brewing Supplies Online is a highly versatile, multifaceted malt which adds the flavors of honey, bread crust, toast, pretzel, grain, and a hint of tartness to home brew craft beer.

Great for adding depth and complexity to the malt profiles of styles like Märzen/Festbier, Bock, Dunkel, Altbier, Scottish ale, brown ale or mild ale, pale ale, and many more.

Do not exceed 25% of grain bill.

EBC:41 -65

Sack size: 1.0kg

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