Mosaic Pale Ale Recipe Pack

A 5.0% ABV Australian Pale Ale malted with Australian pale ale malts and hopped with Mosaic to provide citrus, papaya, blueberry, tropical fruit notes. Makes 23lts.
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Creates a simple but pleasant Pale Ale, hopped with fantastic Mosaic hops noted for an array of delightful aromas and flavours. Malted with Pale Pilsner malt to create a light golden colour  and a delicious biscuit flavour, enhanced with crystal and topped with Corn to produce a beer with slight sweetness and a good head when poured.  Hopped with noble  Halertau as a first addition and then Mosaic in later additions including dry hopping. Final aroma notes: citrus, papaya, blueberry, tropical fruit, and floral.

The full grain kit includes the following -

Grain Bill
4kg Coopers Pale Ale Malt
500g Joe White Crystal Malt
250g Briess Flaked Maize

Hop Additions

25g Hallertau – 60 minutes
12.5g Mosaic – 45 minutes
12.5g Mosaic – 20 minutes
12.5g Mosaic - Dry Day Four

Other Additions

Whirlfloc Tablet – 5 minutes
Premium Ale Yeast

Recommended Mash Temperature – 67°C

Mash Time – 60 minutes

Recommended Mash Sparge Temperature – 76°C

Hop Boil Time – 60 minutes

Batch Size – 23 Litres

Original SG: 1052

IBU – 35.4</p

ABV - Approx 5.0%

Nutrient additive is suggested for this wort.


***This recipe is provided without any guarantee of the final result,  because  the  technical  equipment used, procedures, and craft brewing expertise,  may  vary  from  one  brewer  to  the  next.***

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