Weyermann Acidulated 200g

It ideally suits: Pilsner; Lager; Wheat Beer but can be used in all beer types.
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Weyermann Acidulated grain malt is a malted barley which lowers mash, wort, and beer pH. This malt contains 1−2% lactic acid. As a malt addition it will enhance enzymatic activity in mash and improves starch extraction efficiency. It will lighten the color in pale brews. Weyermann Acidulated malt enhances stability and extends the shelf life of your finished beer. It promotes a well-rounded, complex beer flavor. Can be up to 10% of your total grain bill. It ideally suits: Pilsner; Lager; Wheat Beer; and can be used in all other beer types.

EBC: 2.5 - 12

Pack size:125g

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