Full Harvest Rye IPA

All Inn Brewing Full Harvest is a rye grain blend and single hopped, creating a celebratory strong IPA.
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All Inn Brewing Full Harvest Rye IPA

All Inn Brewing Full Harvest Rye IPA is a celebratory ale. Created from traditional beer malts and rye to produce a rich grain blend then single hopped as a strong IPA.

Full Harvest is malted with Ale, Wheat, Crystal and Rye.

Hopped with Ekaunot creating spicey, fruity, and herbal notes.

A fantastic addition to your home brewing supplies.

Fresh wort cube size 15lt. Add 5lt of water,  cube contents, and yeast to carboy.

Recommended yeast: Morgan's Premium American Ale, Lallemand Bry-97, or Fermentis US05 or other yeast of your choice.

Estimated alcohol rating when fermented: 6.7%

Dry hopping not stated.

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