BBQ Stainless Steel Smoker Box

A Misty Gully BBQ Smoker Box converts Home Barbeque into a hot smoker. Use with Misty Gully chips to produce delicious grilled meats.
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Misty Gully BBQ Smoker Box Lid
Misty Gully BBQ Smoker Box

Misty Gully Barbecue Smoker Box

A Misty Gully BBQ Smoker Box is a fantastic accessory for the home barbeque to smoke flavour BBQ steaks, Jerky, sausages, or vegetables. Craft your food with smoke flavour to take your BBQ's to a whole new level of lip smacking delight. 

With a Misty Gully Barbeque Smoker Box you can temporarily convert your hooded BBQ into a hot smoker. It will operate with either smoker chips or smoker pellets.

You can wrap your chips in foil with a couple of pierce holes to slow down the burn rate or you can soak your chips in: coffee, fruit juices, homebrew beer, cider, or water. In fact anything which will enhance flavour while slowing the burn rate. Then place your dampened chips into your BBQ Smoker box close to your gas BBQ flame.

The Misty Gully BBQ Smoker Box is made from mill finish 404 Stainless Steel so it will last. It measures 200mm x 94mm x 40 mm high. It takes an ample size charge so you have  a good time frame between recharges.

***Smoker chips are not included***

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