American Oak Barrel 5lt

Suitable for aging American Bourbons and American Boubon-Whisky.
American Oak Aging Barrel
Total: $ 189.99

Oak barrels have been used for centuries to age spirits and wines. The flavour created by American Oak is believed to be very relevant to the genius of the tree and the region it is grown.

The American Oak barrels offered by Brewing Supplies Online are exposed timber barrels. They are medium roast so they are ideal for oak aging homebrew  American Bourbon. They may produce a lightly coloured spirit from neutral spirit or Vodka, with a mild woody aroma, and a slight vanilla flavour note. This is ideal for further flavouring with smoothing agents, Distiller's Caramel, and Profile Essences to craft your own unique Bourbon or Whisky.

Unlike like some barrels in the market place our barrels do not contain an inner foil bladder or plastic sleeve nor are they coated with a polymer to prevent leakage. Our barrels are aging barrels which require the user to prepare the barrel before use. Genuine aging barrels should not be left empty after prepping as timber shrinkage will occur. Please note barrels  loose conditioning effectiveness with age.

Capacity: 5lt

Warranty: 1yr warranty for materials or manufacturing fault causing product to be unable to be used.


*** Nothing contained herein is representative of a guarantee or warranty relevant to the product created through use of this barrel***

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