Coral Sea Bourbon Essence

Creates 2.25lt of Wild Turkey style Bourbon
Coral Sea Bourbon Flavour 50ml
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Coral Sea Products Bourbon Eessense was formulated to create a Wild Turkey style bourbon.

It was designed to be used in conjunction to aging 40%ABV Vodka or neutral spirit with Toasted or Roasted American oak chips.

Oak Chips will have an affect on the flavour, smoothness, and aroma. 

Very good results can be had by adding Coral Sea Bourbon Essence to the alcohol base while it is still on the toasted oak chip.

Because the toasted oak chip tends to create more "body", the longer the product is left in contact with it, the stronger the flavour develops.

We suggest a minimum 14 days and up to 28 days on roasted chips when creating a homebrew bourbon..

Contents: 50ml

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