Apple Liquid Smoke

Particularly good for roast chickens,barbecuing lighter colour meats, and adding to dehydrated foods.

Misty Gully Apple Liquid Smoke 210ml
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Misty Gully Apple Liquid Smoke

Misty Gully Apple Liquid Smoke is a water-soluble liquid used for food flavoring.

It is used as a substitute for cooking with wood smoke.

Liquid Smoke is made by passing the hot smoke from wood through condensers which cool  the smoke causing it to concentrate.

It retains a similar flavor to the original timber.

It can be used by the craft food maker to flavor any meat or vegetable.

You can spray it on your roasts prior to and during cooking or when barbecuing meats.

Misty Gully Apple Liquid Smoke is particularly good for roast chickens, barbecuing lighter colour meats, adding to dehydrated foods, or when cooking sausages.

Contents: 210ml

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