Sunshine Gold Rum Essence

Creates 2.2lt of a Queensland style rum.
Sunshine Gold Rum Flavour 50mlSunshine Gold Rum Essence
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Sunshine Gold Rum Flavour 50ml

Coral Sea Products Sunshine Gold Rum Essence creates a rum in the style of Queensland's favourite rum.

It is not as sweet as rum created with Coral Sea Rum flavour but still maintains its popular rum character. 

Customer feedback for this homebrew product is very good, particularly if American Oak aging is performed for at least 28 days.

Sunshine Gold Rum Essence was formulated to use with 40% ABV Vodka or well polished neutral alcohol which has been American Oak chip aged.

Each 50ml bottle makes 2.2 litres of Queensland style rum.

Allow your Sunshine Gold Rum to develop for at least ten days and it will produce an excellent Queensland style rum.

Contents: 50ml

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