Black Rock West Coast Miners Stout

A dark, stout made from roasted malt blends,hopped with Green Bullet and Pacific Gem
Black Rock West Coast Miner's Stout 1.7kg | Home Brew Supplies
Total: $ 25.50

Black Rock West Coast Coal Miners Stout is a dark, smooth, satisfying home brew stout made from larger malt, crystal, and roasted barley. Hopped with Green Bullet and Pacific Gem. 1.7kg beerkit includes yeast sachet.

Each can requires the addition of at least 1.5kg of additional liquid malt extract or 1kg of dry stout blend to make up to 23 litres. Alternatively two cans may be used to produce 23 litres  of a full flavour beer.

Contents: 1.7kg

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