Still Spirits Air Still Essentials Kit (5lt)

Air Still Essentials Kit. Not suitable for Australian residents. Recommended price $458.95. Our Price $415.95
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Still Spirits Air Still Essentials Kit

The Air Still Essential Kit is a great kit for making small amounts of spirit. It's perfect for taking on holidays or when caravaning. It does not require water cooling making it portable and easy to use. The Companion Pack fermenter has a 10 litre capacity. It is suggested to use 9.5litre wash. Designed for use with Turbo Sugar or Dextrose blended with Malto-dextrin. May be used with white sugar however a lower quality product is produced. The carbon cartridge system in the fermenter lid limits strong fermenting odours. The Companion Pack carbon filter will process the  product collected from each boil. The collected product is often 750ml of spirit ranging from 45-60% ABV. Such factors as fermenting temperature, sugar types or blends, and yeasts chosen will affect the quantity and strength of achieved product.

Kit includes:
• Air Still
• 10 L Fermenter with Thermometer
• Carbon Filter System with Spirit Collector
• Mixing Spoon
• Distilling Conditioner
• Boil Enhancers
• Air Still Fermentation Kit (Turbo Yeast & Nutrients,Turbo Carbon, Turbo Clear)
• 2 x Flavoured Vodka Essences (for flavoured water or vodka. May vary from flavours depicted)
• Hydrometer
• Instructions

Replacement consumables are available. Infusement bomb and organics kits available to manufacture infused Gin. We recommend purchasing an Alcometer to ensure home brewed spirits are a maximum 40% ABV.


  • 1 year manufacturer warranty on Still Spirit's Air Still,
  • 30 days for plastic Companion Pack components.

It is illegal to distill alcohol in Australia without a licence from the Australian Taxation Office.

**Priced at below current recommended price.**

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