Hi Mountain Pepperoni Jerky Kit

Imported from the USA. Enough to flavour 15lb of game or beef.
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Total: $ 21.50

Hi Mountain Pepperoni Jerky Kit offered by Bewing Supplies Online contains the spice blend and cure needed to make delicious Pepperoni flavoured,hot dried, Wyoming style jerky at home. This is a genuine made in the USA jerky making kit. 

Hi Mountain Pepperoni Jerky kit  makes such a delicious home made jerky that once you start sampling it most people just can't stop. Warning! Don't share this home made jerky with your mates because they too won't be able to stop and suddenly it will be all gone plus your homebrew they have been drinking.

Hi Mountain Jerky Kits are suitable for up to 15lb or 7kg of meat. However you can make as little as you want as long as you follow the enclosed mixing instructions.

Simply rub on the Hi Mountain seasoning & cure blend and refrigerate for 24hrs. Then cook in a dehydrator, wood chip smoker, or oven as instructed. If you have a low temp dehydrator you will have to finish your jerky in the oven as the meat must go over 740C core temperature.

Great for processed wild game, beef, fish, and poultry. Meat mass and volume will reduce during high temp drying due to water loss.

Contents: 204g

Smoker Chips

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