Bottling Valve

This is not a lesser quality gravity sealed bottling valved. Our bottling valve is manufactured with a spring loaded valve to reduce leakage.
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 Blue Bottling Valve

A Bottling Valve or brew bottler as it is somtimes called helps to purge oxygen and reduce turbulence in your homebrew while filling bottles. Brewing Supplies Online Bottling Valve, has a spring loaded valve assembly fitted into the bottler head to shut off the flow when bottling your homebrew. It doesn't simply rely on gravity to shut off the bottling valve.

Unlike other bottling valve designs it uses an O'ring on the valve to reduce leakage. This way your precious homebrew stops running as you withdraw your filled bottle. It can reduce wastage and mess. It is manufactured with a detachable valve housing for easy cleaning. The Bottling Valve fits natural or black fermenter taps, our flip taps, or a 10mm hose so it can be attached to a brewer's wine barrel tap.

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