Carlton Draught Style Pack

Morgan's Australian Gold is a good base to create a Carlton Draught beer style. This malt is boosted with light dry malt and Maltodextrin.
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Carlton Draught Style Pack

 Carlton Draught Style Pack

The packs offered will not duplicate commercial products. They are a starting point from which the brewer can adjust the recipe to create their favourite beer.

Extract Recipe:

1.7kg Morgan's Australian Gold

1kg Light Dry Malt

500g Gold Blend

12g East Kent Goldings Hops (Infusion method)

12g Morgans Lager yeast (ferment at 12.00C to 18.00C)

Makes approximately sixty (60) stubbies at 81c Each.

ABV: 4.5%

Morgan's Australian Gold is a good malt base for a Carlton beer. To make a lager beer style which is over 150 years old our beer will need to have a full malt flavour so we have added extra malt which will increase malt flavour. We are making a draught beer which is usually not as strongly gased as an ale. So we have cut back on the Maltodextrin which helps gas beer. Oue draught must be fermented with a lager yeast. Keeping in mind the age of the brew style we have selected UK East Kent Goldings as an infusion hop for its two centuries of use in English beer styles.

*Download Style Pack Instructions Here*

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