Premium Full Stainless Steel Pluto Gun

Full stainless steel pluto gun with 6mm barbed fitting
Full Stainless Steel Barbed Fitting Pluto Beer Gun
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Total: $ 85.95

Full Stainless Steel commerial grade pluto beer gun. This is the most commonly used beer dispensing tool. Comes with 6.0mm barbed fitting. Suggested use of 4.0mm beer line at minimum 2.0m length. If you desire to use larger diameter beer line then you must add extra length to the minimum 2.0mtrs to achieve the necessary fluid drag.   Service parts are available.

We recommend using Sodium Meta-silicate or Brewer's Detergent as it is commonly called as a keg and line cleaner. Mix as instructed to maximise the life of rubber components.

Warranty: 1 year

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