Alcotec Red Hot Heat Tolerant Turbo

Genuine heat tolerant up to 40 Celsius. Stackable to 200litres.
Alcotec Red Hot High Temperature Turbo Yeast
Total: $ 9.99
This is a true heat tolerant yeast not just drop in temperature tolerant. Many turbo yeasts stall at over 320C while Alcotec Red Hot keeps working. It can operate as low as 200C too or as high as 400C. It delivers excellent quality alcohol in hot fermentation temperatures.
Alcotec Red Hot Turbo yeast is also suitable for 'stacking'. Up to a 200 litre volume can be fermented using 8 sachets (providing the start liquid temperature and air temperature are both 200C).
We recommend you use Turbo Carbon as it will significantly improve the performance of Red Hot yeast as carbon stops the yeast from quickly falling out of suspension which aids higher alcohol production.
Makes 14% ABV when used with 6.0kg sugar. Ideal for fermentation in warmer weather climates. Less sugar means: less Sulphides, a better quality product, and reduced polishing.

Contents: 138g

*Different outcomes may be achieved by different users.*

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