Rye Pale Ale Recipe Pack

A 4.5% ABV pleasant Rye Pale Ale, hopped with Amarillo hops for bitterness then steeped with noble german Hallertau hops. Makes: 23ltrs
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A Rye Pale Ale, hopped with Centennial hops for bitterness then Amarillo for aroma and citrus flavour notes then Simcoe for its fruity aroma.  Malted with Pale Rye which offers a biscuit-like flavor' malty-sweet aromas with hints of bread and honey, and a good beer head. It is well complimented with the Pale Two Row Malt and Caramalt for its full caramel flavour. Enhanced with Corn to produce a beer with a slight caramel sweetness and a good head when poured. 

The full grain kit includes the following -

Grain Bill
3.0kg Pale Two Row Malt
1.5kg Rye Malt
500g Caramalt
250g Flaked Corn

Hop Additions

12.0g Centennial - 60 minutes
12.0g Amarillo – 30 minutes
12.0g Simcoe – 20 minutes

Other Additions

Whirlfloc Tablet – 5 minutes
Premium American Ale Yeast

Recommended Mash Temperature – 67°C

Mash Time – 60 minutes

Recommended Mash Sparge Temperature – 76°C

SG – 1045

IBU – 32.5

EBC – 13.3

Hop Boil Time – 60 minutes

ABV - Approx 4.5%

Batch Size – 23 Litres

Original SG: 1045


***This recipe is provided without any guarantee of the final result,  because  the  technical  equipment used, procedures, and craft brewing expertise,  may  vary  from  one  brewer  to  the  next.***

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