Turbo 500 Still

Australian Turbo 500 Still purchaser is required to obtain a license before performing spirit distillation. This is a genuine,serial numbered, stainless steel Turbo 500 still condenser and a Turbo 500 Stainless Steel Electric Boiler.
Still Spirits Turbo 500 Stainless Steel Still Assembly Homebrewing SuppliesStill Spirits Turbo 500 Stainless Steel Still Assembly
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 Turbo 500 Stainless Steel Condensor Serial Number
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 Still Spirits Turbo 500 Still

The still offered is a current model, genuine, Still Spirits Turbo 500 stainless steel condenser coupled with the latest model Turbo 500 25lt Electric Boiler.


Previous boilers have been superceded by a new twin switch dual element model boiler.


The condenser requires either a mains pressure water supply or pressure pump water supply.


The condenser is pre-packed with stainless steel berls and copper saddles which provide a very effective reflux action.


Don't get caught with inferior products substituted for Turbo 500 equipment. If there are no Still Spirits logos then it is a fake.


A genuine Turbo 500 Condenser has a unique serial number. Still Spirits Turbo 500 still systems do not use any brass components. Parts and replacement consumables are available for genuine Still Spirits products.



The condenser is easily attached to the boiler using the Turbo 500 Condenser stainless steel lock nut. This is not a copper or brass nut.


The boiler can be used for other homebrewing or cooking activities.


The Turbo 500 boier coupled with a digital controller makes it ideal for use as a basic grain boiler to make beer or grain mash. 


One digital temp sensor only in the exit water connection.


The boiler may be converted into a fermenter with a BSO conversion kit to make a multi-purpose brewery.



Boiler Features:

Concealed elements for easy cleaning
Boil dry protection with under base reset switch
25L capacity
Made from buffed 404 Stainless steel 
Plastic coated clamps
Maximum capacity stamping
Handy stainless steel pivot tap suitable for hose connection
Stainless steel exposed tap fittings resistant to calcification
Stainless Steel recessed lid with replaceable Silicon Seal
Safety labeling
Stability boiler base collar unique to Turbo 500 25lt boilers.



Condenser Features:

Prepacked with Stainless Steel saddles to perform reflux action.
Packed with Copper saddles to process Sulphides
One (1) digital thermometer with secured coin battery
Digital Thermometer bracket
Stainless steel water flow control valve
Stainless steel tap fittings and 1/2BSP fitting
Stainless steel exit water fitting
Condenser hoses
Stainless Steel column nut and seal
Turbo 500 Condenser serial number labeling



5 year manufacture fault warranty applicable to boiler and condenser. Plastic components 1 year manufacture warranty.


We suggest Distilling Conditioner be purchased for use with this equipment.

This equipment must not be used in Australia for distillation purposes without license from the Australian Taxation Office. State Law and Regional Bylaws may also apply.

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