Amarillo Hops 50g

Floral, tropical, citrus aroma.Suits: IPA, Cerveza, Pale ale.
Brewing Supplies Online Amarillo Hop Pellets 50g
Total: $ 7.50
Warwick's Brewing Supplies Amarillo Hop

Amarillo Pellet Hops

Amarillo pellet hops provide the craft beer maker floral, tropical, and citrus (lemon, orange and grapefruit) aroma and flavour to craft home brew beer. 

Amarillo hops from Warwick's Brewing Supplies are provided in clip seal re-sealable pack for fridge storage.

Usage: IPA, Cerveza, Pale Ales.

Avg. Alpha: 8% - 11%

Origin: USA

Amarillo Hop Substitute: Most recommended are Cascade, Centennial, Summit, Chinook, Saaz

Contents: 50g

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