Still Spirits Turbo 500 Distillery

Turbo 500 distillery kit: boiler, condenser,30ltr fermenter kit, EZ Filter, brewing hardware, free 5lt demijohn, free extra carbon cartridge plus essences.
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Still Spirits Classic Whisky Flavour.
Still Spirits Classic Qld Rum Flavour
Still Spirits Classic American Bourbon Flavour
Still Spirits Tennessee Bourbon Chips
Turbo 500 Stainless Steel Distillery
Turbo 500 Stainless Steel Distillery
Turbo 500 Distillery
Brewing Supplies Online Turbo 500 Distillery Special

Turbo 500 Distillery Kit

The Turbo 500 reflux system is designed for Turbo Sugar washes or Dextrose & Maltodextrin washes.

It can be used with basic white sugar however diminished product quality will occur.

This home brew distillery contains all the components need to make high quality pure spirit from turbo sugar and enough essence to make 8.5 litres of spirit and liqueurs.

We have included essences to create Whiskey, rum, and bourbon plus Baileys style liqueur, Butterscotch liqueur, and Chocolate Rum style liqueur. 

Other than the boiler and condensor, the kit also contains a complete 30 ltr fermenter, an EZ carbon cartridge filtering system with a spare cartridge for spirit polishing, and a  5 litre demijohn for oak chipping your spirit.

There are over 100 different Still Spirits flavourings available for use with the pure spirit you will produce.

Recommended retail price for the genuine Still Spirits products offerred in this kit is over $950.00.  

Our Turbo 500 basic Distillery Kit is at a fantastic discounted price.

To use this system you need a 240 volt 10amp power supply and a water supply capable of providing at least .500ml per minute constant pressure water supply for a minimum of 3.5hrs. 

Fittings are provided so the system may be used: in a modern kitchen with flexible sink arm; with a laundry automatic washing machine water tap: or a garden tap. The condenser operating temperature is 550 -  600 Celsius.

The kit contains:

Genuine Turbo 500 latest model boiler with: two elements, dual switches, stainless steel ball valve tap, and boil dry protection.
Genuine Turbo 500 stainless steel condensor with Still Spirits serial number and pre-packed with stainless steel berls and copper saddles.
Full stainless steel water flow control valve, fittings and hoses
Single Turbo 500 Digital Thermometer used on latest model stills
Tri-scale Hydrometer
Ceramic saddles for boiler
EZ high flow carbon filter system, carbon cartridge, and all fittings
30 litre pail with clip seal lid. No O ring to replace.
Fermenter tap, top hat grommet, vintage bubbler, and stick on thermometer.
Long Handle stirring paddle
No Rinse Detergent and No Rinse Sanitiser
5lt Brewer's jug. With coloured calibrations for easy reading.
Classic 8 Turbo yeast suitable for 8kg of turbo sugar
Still Spirits Turbo carbon
Still Spirits Turbo Clear
Icon Shamrock Cream (Similar to Bailey's Irish Cream) - Makes 1 x 1.0 litre
Icon Cream thickener.
Icon Butterscotch Schnapps - Makes 1 x 1.0 litre
Icon Chocolate Rum  - Makes 1 x 1.0 litre
1 Premium double sachet of Classic Whiskey (Similar to Teachers Whiskey) - Makes 3 x 750ml
1 Premium double sachet of Classic Queensland Gold Rum (Similar to Bundaberg rum) - Makes 3 x 750ml
1 Premium double sachet of Classic American Bourbon (Similar to Jim Beam) - Makes 3 x 750ml
1Tennessee Bourbon chunks 100g
Free extras valued at over $50.00:
1 Swing clip glass demijohn 5ltr.
1 Still Spirits Distilling Conditioner
1 Still Spirits EZ Filter Cartridge
1 Trailles Alcometer 0-100%
1 Turbo Sugar 2.0kg

Warranty:  * Comes With Free Manufacturer Warranties. You Don't Have To Buy Warranties With A  Genuine Still Spirits Turbo 500 Still System.  *

3 year Condenser and components
3 year boiler and components
30 days plastic fermenter and components
30 days plastic EZ Filter system and components.
30 days all other items not listed. (Excludes user breakages)

It is illegal to distill alcohol in Australia without a licence from the Australian Taxation Office.

 ***Caution must be taken with boiler placement as it will cause serious burns when hot. It is suggested to position the boiler close to a power supply and suitable water supply. Do not use with extension cords as overheating of power cords may occur.***

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