19lt Cornelius Ball Lock Keg

Mangrove Jack's 19lt Cornelius kegs are brand new high quality ball lock kegs. They are NSF approved for food and beverage consumption.
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 Mangrove Jack's 19lt Ball Lock Cornelius Keg

Each Mangrove Jack's Stainless Steel 19 litre Cornelius keg is a brand new superior quality ball lock keg. It has been tested to Australian Standards for kegs. It is NSF approved for food and beverage consumption.You don't get Mangrove Jack's quality with other brands.

The suggested cleaning agent is Brewer's Detergent (Sodium Meta-silicate) for stainless steel kegs.

We provide a one year warranty as cleaning agents may reduce the life of the keg's rubber seals. The keg itself has an extended manufacture warranty.

Use a food grade keg lube on rubber components as needed.

Operating Warranty: one (1) year from date of purchase.

 ** A home brew keg is a pressure vessel and should be treated as such. Ensure the keg is depressurised before trying to remove the lid. Any deep dent causing a crease in the keg wall renders the keg unsuitable for further use. Do not substitute stainless steel components with copper or brass components.**

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