Glass Screw Top 1.125lt Clear Bottle

Clear 1.125lt bottles perfect for homebrew spirits and liqueurs.
Glass Screw Top Bottle 1125ml | Home Brew Supplies
Total: $ 5.95

Brewing Supplies Online offers individual 1.125 lt screw top glass bottles to the craft homebrew maker. Each glass bottle offers excellent presentation and visually takes homebrew to another level.

It is well known how a product is packaged affects people's expectations of that product. Put it simply, the bottle you put your brew in affects how people think it tastes.

When used with spirit flavours or liqueur premix to create 1.125lt, your home brew tastes as the flavour creator intended.

This is a threaded spirit bottle. Replacement caps are available in 10 packs.

Bottle size 1.125ml.

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