Vitner's Harvest Campden Tablets 50

Wine stabliiser to freeze wine must flavour development.
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Campden tablets are made from Potassium Metabisulfite or Sodium Metabisulfite. They are commonly used in beer, wine, cider, mead manufacture to limit the development of wild yeasts. Campden tablets can also be used as an anti-oxidising agent during manufacture when brewed wine comes into contact with air. When combined with potassium sorbate in cider or mead it halts fermentation to produce a sweet brew. It can be used to de-chlorinate water before making up a wort or wash. Use one crushed tablet per five (5) litres of wort or wash. Campden tablets degrade in the wort so when your beer is adequately aged it produces negligble taste effect.

Campden tablets when added to table wines limit bacteria growth during storage but at the same time may hinder wine maturation. They also inhibit age dis-colouration during storage.

*** Wine must Ph varies with each must. Wine being SO2 rich may develop a salty to sour taste due to excess Campden. Adding sulphites to wines may increase the risk of severe allergic reactions by sulphite sensitive individuals. ***

Contents: 50 tablets

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