Gluten Free American Pale Ale

Creates an American Pale style beer with citrus and tropical fruit notes.
Mangrove Jack's Gluten Free American Pale Ale Craft Homebrew Beer
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Mangrove Jack's Craft Gluten Free American Pale Ale uses sorghum as beer malt instead of wheat or barley. Each Mangrove Jack's pouch is cold filled using the latest nitrogen filling technology to provide a low temperature filling process which retains the delicate flavours and aromas traditionally lost during the pasteurisation of home brew beer cans.

Mangrove Jack's Craft Gluten Free beer is  hopped during manufacture and then generously dry hopped with 20g Citra and 30g Northern Brewer during fermentation. Both of these hops are well suited to craft pale ales. These dry hops are included in the kit. The craft sorghum malt and hop blend creates a light and crisp gluten free home brew beer with a citrus character and dry bitter finish. The tropical and citrus fruit aromas of the Citra hop are well balanced by the woody Northern Brewer notes.

This is a no boil totally Gluten Free Sorghum Malt home brew beer. Simply follow the pouch instructions provided to create a delicious gluten free American Pale Ale.

Suggested Brewing Sugar: 1kg Dextrose or alternatively 1Kg Body Brew (Dextrose-Maltodextrin) or 1.5kg Liquid Glucose
Suggested extras: Yeast nutrient, Mangrove Jacks finings.

Ingredients - Sorghum malt extract, hops, 10g dried brewing yeast sachet. Dry hops: 20g Citra & 30g Northern Brewer.

Contents: 2.4kg
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