Turbo Boiler To Stainless Fermenter Kit

Converts Stainless Steel Turbo Boiler To Stainless Steel Fermenter.
Turbo Stainless Steel Boiler Fermenter Conversion Kit
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Total: $ 34.95

The boiler converter kit allows the homebrewer to use a 25lt turbo grain boiler as a stainless steel fermenter. Insert the lid seal. Position the lid. Secure the lid with boiler clamps and half fill air lock with water.

Keg King 25lt Turbo Boiler,
Mangrove Jacks 25lt Grain Boiler,
Turbo 500 5lt Boiler,
Universal 2400 Watt 25lt boiler.

Lid specifications: Pressed; Inside diameter- 310mm; Lid seal width- 10mm; Total Lid height- 65mm. Manufactured from 404 stainless steel

Kit consists of:

1 High grade stainless steel lid.
1 Lid seal
1 Bubbler seal
1 Senior airlock. 

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