Top Shelf Whiskey Essence Selection

Top Shelf Whiskey Selection contains Irish, Scottish, Single malt & Tennessees style whiskey flavour. Each bottle flavours 2.25lt of Vodka.
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Top Shelf Whiskey Essence Selection

Brewing Supplies Online Whiskey Essence bargain buy contains four popular Top Shelf Whiskey essences:

1 Scottish style Top Shelf Whiskey essence with rich oak and subtle peat tones. Makes 2.25lt
1 Top Shelf Smokey Whiskey essence with smooth malt overtones. Makes 2.25lt
1 Top Shelf Shamrock Whiskey an Irish style whiskey essence. Makes 2.25lt
1 Top Shelf Southern Whiskey essence is a Tennessee style whiskey which has a smooth and complex American style whiskey with lingering woody notes. Makes 2.25lt

Simply add to 40% ABV vodka. Each 50ml makes 2.25 litres or three 750ml bottles of spiced rum.

Bundle creates: 12 x 750ml bottles.

Bundle buys are a great way to save on home brewing supplies.

Number: 4 x 50ml Bottles

Contents: 200ml

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