Dextrose Brewing Sugar 500g

Food Grade Dextrose 500g. Dextrose suitable for human consumption for beer wort, cider making and other fermented drink manufacture.
Home Brewing Supplies Brewing Sugar 500g
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Dextrose Brewing Sugar 500g

We believe in offering quality goods so we only offer food grade dextrose as a basic brewing sugar for home brewing. Dextrose is powdered glucose produced from rice or corn and a superior brewing sugar for home brewing. Dextrose Brewing Sugar produces a superior tasting product to white sugar. When used for racking it produces exceptional quality beer close to what the beer maker designed.

We advise all home brewers do not use sub-standard feed grades of dextrose for human consumption as they may contain elements which may be detrimental to long term health. As the saying goes "buyer beware".

Dextrose specifications:

Dextrose                >99%
E-Coli                     NIL in .01g sample
Samonella               NIL in 25g sample
Allergins                  NIL in sample
Chlorides                 <.02%
Sulphated Ash          <.02%
Sodium                   .005mg/100g
Fibre                       <0.1g/100g                  
Protein                    <0.1g/100g
Manufacture compliant to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, HACCP, Kosher
Contents: 500g
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