Glucose Smoothing Syrup 1.0kg

Glucose is used as a smoothing syrup for home brewed spirits and clear spirit liqueurs. Made from Maltose corn syrups. Jar contents: 1.0kg
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Still Spirits Liquid Glucose 1.0kg

Liquid Glucose is used by some home brewers as a smoothing agent instead of Glycerine when making spirits or as a liqueur thickener.

Often used by brewers when making rums.

Still Spirits glucose is made from corn syrups such as Maltose which is primarily bonded glucose molecules.

It can be made more viscous and easy to use by low temperature warming of the Glucose container in hot water.

Liquid Glucose comes in a convenient screw top jar.

Recommended use for liqueurs is 75ml per 1.125 total volume of liqueur.

This product may contain Sulphites and may cause allergic reactions with some individuals.

Contents: 1.0kg

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